Hung Phuc Handicrafts Co. Ltd is situated at Yen Ninh Town, Yen Khanh District, Ninh Binh Province, Vietnam which is a famous area of cultural, historical and traditional values.

Specialized in the weaving art, Hung Phuc offers a wide variety of weaving products for home and office. Our products are quintessence over 100 years of traditional craft, social value and friendly enviroment.

Established in 1993, Hung Phuc works essentially with natural materials such as water hyacinth and seagrass. All of our products are weaved by skilled artisans and treated by high technology methods. Our range of products is diversified from home decor objects, kitchen utensils, office furniture to fashion accessories. Our prioritized markets are: Europe, South Korea, USA & Canada, Japan, Australia, Russian and other countries.