1. Collecting & Treating raw material
In the harvesting time, people cut the seagrass and process right in the field by a cutting machine which help to save a lot of labor and time. Moreover, it ensures the quality of the seagrass. Seagrass after collecting from the field is dried firstly by sunshine,then dried again by machine to have complete material.

The Hung Phuc Handicrafts factory has been built for efficiency and long-term versatility.

2. Weaving into semi-finished product
Base on customer requirement of shape, pattern and specifications, our design and produc team will cooperate to work out the prototypes. After approved by customers, the prototypes are assigned for professional weavers for mass production. With continuous supervision of constant high quality production, any defects discovered are then eliminated.

3. Semi-finished product collecting & Quality Control
At our factory, we do incoming QC for 100% Semi-finished products collected from villagers. Comparing with approved samples, QC staffs check incoming products for pattern and specifications. Qualified products will be put into our temporary stock for further processing. We always record number of qualified and rejected products for future analysis and improvement.

4. Coloring and painting 
Coloring and painting in wide variety of colors are the true specialties of Hung Phuc Handicrafts. Hand coloring is the most convenient way of applying the colors. We use colors in the conformity of internationally accepted standards for sustainable development.

5. Cleaning & supplementing accessories
All semi-finished products need cleaning to remove tiny sedge hairs, odds and ends. Dirty spots are also removed at this stage. Normally, gas burners are used to make the process faster. Then, the a group of workers will add needed accessories, creating finished-products.

6. Gluing & fixing 
Gluing is the next step of process. The PVA glue and resin is wholly non-toxic and is applied to strengthen all aspects of sedge and water-orchid products. Glue must be mixed at suitable formula for each kind of products. Products are then dried whether under the sun or in a drying room with machines at the moisture of about 15-20%. This is accomplished by a number of employees with one overseen Quality Control Manager. This entire process creates an enormous strong product.

7. Drying
If the weather conditions are good – sunlight and low level of humidity, products might be placed outside to dry naturally. If not, all products are placed into drying rooms before packing and cartoning. Hot air is again applied from a heat feeder during the drying process. Each of our large 2 drying rooms can process 2×40 foot containers during any given 8 to 10 hour processing time. By utilizing several racks during this process, this eliminates any and all product deformation possibility. Regarding the water content value and humidity levels, it is thoroughly and constantly checked during the entire process, thus providing some of the best products in the world. The moisture level of 14-18% is suitable for all customers in all countries.

8. Labeling and packing
Any requirement for UPC code labels, Logo identity or other requested attached labels are encouraged. Rattan baskets are normally bulk packed in 5 ply master cartons which are suitable for sea transportation and transit purpose. Customers can also require for inner packing, gift boxes or PDQ trays at their convenience. QC staffs will follow closely during this process to ensure products packed correctly, no missing or misuse of labels and are packed into correct cartons

9. Final quality checking
Final quality checking is done 3-5 days before shipment. For each order and shipment shipped out, we will use random checking method by SQL2.4 to identify the quality of the whole lot. If the products are OK, we can ship out; if not the whole lot will be reworked. Hand-out guidelines, quality checklist and approved samples are given to QC to compare. Checking records are kept for each order or each shipment

10. Warehousing
Packed master cartons are stored in ventilated 5,000 square meter warehouse. The warehouse is divided into sections for different orders or shipments.

11. Exporting
All goods and products are loaded onto the Hung Phuc Handicrafts docking facilities into containers and transported directly to Hai Phong Port for onward transportation. For logistic purposes, Hai Phong port is located nearby our facilities. Any required assistance and or information for routing of shipments will be directly answered by all means necessary. Although the Hung Phuc product prices are FOB, CIF quotations may be applied as well. We will provide any assistance required to obtain the lowest  sea freight from local forwarders.

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